Washington Dual Electric Profiling Bed

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The Washington Dual is a beautiful bed, designed with both practicality and comfort in mind.

Supplied with 7” hardwood legs and a range of fabric options, durability and style are guaranteed.

The five-way profiling action is fitted with the world-renowned, quiet and smooth German engineered motors and powered with an easy to use hand control. Dual design gives complete flexibility for both users, including mattress choice. 

Both the top and bottom of the bed can easily be adjusted for comfort, movement in and out of bed and to aid circulation. Paired with the unique adjustable tension this ensures ultimate relaxation every time. This home-style bed assists sufferers of a range of mobility restrictions. The range of profiling positions aids many users, including leg elevation which helps to reduce fluid and pressure in legs and ankles, and the sitting position which helps ease respiratory conditions.

The Washington has an 18 stone capacity and a mattress which is held securely by the strong and durable metal mattress retainer

Washington Dual Electric Profiling Bed
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