How do I qualify for VAT exemption?

VAT exemption in UK can really help to reduce your expenditure – check below if you qualify! All products on our website show prices both Excluding and Including VAT. Most of our products are exempt from VAT if you are registered disabled or have been diagnosed by your doctor with a long-term chronic illness. Some examples might be an amputation, arthritis, learning difficulties or diabetes. Old age in itself is not a qualification, neither is a temporary condition such as a broken leg.

To qualify, the goods should also be for your own personal or domestic use rather than for business purposes.

You can also ask your parent, guardian or spouse to buy the goods and services for you and they can ask for VAT relief on your behalf.

Please note that we will ask you or your nominated person to complete a short form to confirm your condition for VAT relief when you checkout. Once you submit this, VAT will automatically be deducted from your order on all eligible items.

We do not take any responsibility for establishing whether or not you qualify for VAT exemption. To be really sure if you are eligible you should refer to HMRC VAT Notice 701/7 on the website or call the HMRC National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000.