Multi C Air Medical Chair

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This chair can easily be adapted for one or multiple users – a very versatile healthcare chair with excellent pressure management features.

This rise recliner puts the healthcare team, in the home or the ward, in ultimate control, providing a full range of options to tailor the chair precisely for each, individual’s comfort and care.

With a choice of Dual or Single Tilt in Space motors the Multi C Air is suitable for clients with changing and deteriorating neurological conditions and those who require assisted movement to reduce the problems of skin breakdown. It also comes with a choice of nine seat cushions and six back cushion styles all removable, interchangeable, replaceable and each designed with different postural and pressure management qualities. With the ability to remove and interchange seat and back cushion designs the chair can be easily adapted over time for changing conditions or new users, giving greater longevity of usage.

There is also optional seat height and depth adjustment.

This chair is highly customisable so is Priced On Application - Please contact us for a FREE assessment and quotation 01604 602000

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Multi C Air Medical Chair
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  • Vat Exempt Yes
  • Overall Weight Limits

    The Multi C-air has a weight limit of 127 Kg (20 stone) as standard on the small model. On the medium and large models the maximum user weight is up to 159 Kg (25 stone). The maximum leg rest weight limit is 57 Kg (9 stone) on all models.

    Seat Cushion Weight Limits

    Certain pressure management seat cushion options have their own overall weight limits, including the Airform, Celliform and Dynaform.

    Important Dimensions

      Small Medium Large
    Seat Height 406mm (16") 457mm (18") 508mm (20")
    Seat Width 457mm (18") 508mm (20") 559mm (22")
    Seat Depth 457mm (18") 508mm (20") 508mm (20")
    Seat Height
    Fitting 50mm Leg adjusters
    457mm (18") 508mm (20") 559mm (22")
    Seat Depth
    Fitting 50mm Seat Depth Pad
    406mm (16") 457mm (18") 457mm (18")

    Standard Back Height: 

    711mm / 737mm (28" / 29") 

    Standard Arm Height:

    178mm (7")

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